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Welcome to Collingwood Primary School

Looking for a school place?  Click above to see what we can offer or visit https://newstarters.collingwood.school/ for information about our warm and friendly school.  If you would like to attend our virtual session “How to prepare your child for starting school” ring us on 01245 322258.

On behalf of staff, governors and pupils, I extend a very warm welcome to our website.  We provide a nurturing experience that will well equip your child through those first important years of their education. Our staff  are passionate about treating children as individuals, following their interests, and supporting them in building successful relationships and achieving their true potential. We believe that learning is for life and that this should be fun!

Our last Ofsted report states:  “The school’s provision for the welfare of pupils and the promotion of their well-being and safety is outstanding.  As a result pupils feel extremely safe and happy at school.” and “The school does all it can to keep pupils safe at all times.” Pupil’s behaviour in lessons, in the playground and throughout the school is good. Sometimes it is outstanding.” Pupils make at least good and sometimes outstanding progress” Outstanding Leadership of the Early Years provision has resulted in very strong links with parents to promote children’s learning and well-being,” and that, “Leaders have created an environment where pupils flourish.”  The full report can be found here pdf Collingwood Primary School Ofsted Report April 2016

Our prospectus shows you what our happy school is like but nothing beats meeting our staff and pupils for yourself.   Due to Covid-19 we are unable to offer tours but  Mrs Minister, Deputy Head, and I are happy to telephone you.  Please contact Mrs Wraight or Mrs De’Ath in our school office  on 01245 322258 to arrange this.   I look forward to meeting you.  Mrs A Buckland-Garnett