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Childcare 7 til 7 club

Our excellent, on site Breakfast club and After School club run from 7am until 7pm and is staffed by the school.  We offer childcare in a safe, welcoming environment in which children can play, socialise, complete homework and generally enjoy themselves, just as they would at home. If you are interested in childcare for your child(ren) aged 3-13, either before on a regular basis or as “on offs”, please contact us.

Our 7 ’til 7 Club managers, Mrs Chettur and Mrs Budd, are always happy to answer any questions you may have, please contact them on 07407449408  if you would like to find out more.  Alternatively, pop in to our office and pick up a contract which will provide you with sample menus and costs.

Here is what the children who go have to say about it….

“There are lots of toys”

“Sometimes we have picnics”

“There is a PS2 with a steering wheel and racing game with a real clutch”

“We have a laptop to do homework on or we can go on Mathletics”

“Sometimes we get all cosy on the cushions and watch a DVD”

“We made garlic bread and bread pudding then we ate it all up!”

“We get to play outside and have the equipment just for us.”