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Our Eco-team, at Collingwood, consists of two representatives from each of the junior classes. We meet to discuss ways our school can look after the environment in an attempt to save the planet for our future.

Our meetings take place twice a month on a Thursday afternoon. We know that although we cannot make any big changes, it is the little things that count. By making small changes in our school, we hope to have a big impact on the environment.

Collingwood School has a bronze Eco-Schools award, and we are currently working towards achieving our silver!

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What we do at Collingwood School:

– Paper and card recycling in classrooms,

– Compost for waste in the lower school classrooms

– Energy spies checking lights and electrical appliances,

– Bird feeders and bug boxes to increase biodiversity,

– Grow vegetables in our own vegetable patch,

– Recycle printer cartridges,

– Recycle clothing/textiles/shoes

– Encourage pupils to come to school in an active way


Moving Forward:

We still have lots of ideas to keep us moving forward.

Some projects that we would like to see happen in the future include:

– Trying to reduce water wastage in the school.

– Recycling Christmas cards in school

– Recycling plastic in school

– Being more energy efficient.


Don’t Forget

You too, can make small changes – turn off the tap when you clean your teeth, ask your parents to turn the heating down by one degree, recycle- and perhaps you too can help to save our planet