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Our Vision Statement

Our Staff and Governors’ Vision Statement

At Collingwood children and adults work together in a safe, well disciplined, exciting environment where all pupils feel valued and are expected to make good or outstanding progress.

Our staff, pupils and parents have high expectations and ensure that pupils produce work of increasing quality, develop their individual strengths, achieve their personal goals and challenges and realise their full potential as lifelong learners and responsible citizens in our global community.

“We live our lives with arms and minds wide open”

Our School Aims

At Collingwood Primary School we aim:

  •  to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment which will enable all children to develop their individual talents, realise their full potential and feel confident and secure.
  •  to provide a structure of discipline, within which children are encouraged to adopt a caring, responsible attitude towards others in the school and the whole school and global community where discrimination is tackled.
  •  to provide, within the framework of the National Curriculum,  a broad and balanced education, ensuring continuity and progression through on-going assessment.
  •  to encourage pupils and staff to have high expectations of achievement and responsibility and foster in children a positive attitude towards producing work of increasing quality.
  • to recognise that children learn best in different ways and to respond to these individual needs with a variety of approaches.
  • to provide equal opportunities of learning and experience for girls and boys.
  • to develop children’s understanding of, and respect for the beliefs and customs of a multi-cultural community.
  • to foster children’s emotional development, helping them to acquire a sense of wonder and the skills to express their feelings and ideas.
  • to develop confidence and a sense of achievement through a balanced programme of physical activity.
  • to foster positive communication and co-operation between parents and school, based on a three-way partnership of teacher, parent and child.

 Pupils’ behaviour and their attitudes to learning were a strength at the time of the last inspection and this remains the case. Relationships are good, pupils behave well in lessons and around the school and they have positive attitudes to learning. They are polite, welcoming, proud of their school and smartly dressed. “
HMI Inspection June 2014