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School FAQ’s

Questions our pupils think you might want answered when considering to send your child here…

Is Collingwood a safe and friendly community?

Yes it is because…

“We pick things up and put our chairs in.”

“Our children wash their hands before lunch.”

“We do not play in the bushes because of the stinging nettles.”

“We keep to the rules.”

“All adults who are safe wear school badges.”

“We have a really big field to play on and have fun.”

“Our toilets are really nice and colourful.”

“Everyone is friendly and when someone is new we help them find out where everything is.”

What kinds of clubs are there?

“Dance Club, Friendship Club, Rugby, Breakfast Club, Cricket, Choir, Guitars and Ukulele, Gardening Club, Computer Club, Maths Club, Book Club, Board Games Club, History Club, Homework Club, Multi-Skills and loads more!”

“There are clubs run by teachers and helpers and other clubs run by children. I made a football club with my friends. Loads of little kids came. It was hard work.”

Are there healthy school dinners?

“Yes. There are lots of fruits and vegetables to choose from.”

“We have milkshake or milk or water to drink.”

“The pasta is yummy.”

“I like roast dinner best but we don’t have it every day because that would be bad.”

“We have different things every day and if you do not like fish, you can have a jacket potato with beans or cheese.”

“I have school dinners but my friend has packed lunch…they are both nice.”

“In Lower School they have fruit every day.”

“You can buy healthy things at Fruit Stall at playtime if you want to.”

Are children with disabilities allowed to come to this school?

“Yes. We have people who find it difficult to walk but we have lots of ramps and there are people who have to eat certain things or are allergic.”


We’re on Facebook!

We  have a school Facebook account under the name ‘Collingwood School’ and use this to let you know any good news or update you with any information we think you might like to know.

We will not be accepting friend requests – our account will be used primarily to give information so please continue to use the current channels of communication provided if you would like to speak to us.   The page will be public … enjoy!