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Year 1 – Finches

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Welcome to Finches page. Details of the work your child will be covering can be found in their communication books or homework books and by following the links below.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information in supporting your child at home.

Mrs Hammond


Useful Documents

pdf Year 1 – Summer Topic Web 2018

pdf Year 1 Finches – Autumn Topic Web 2017 (2)

pdf Curriculum Overview for Year 1

pdf Cursive Handwriting at Collingwood

pdf British Values at Collingwood Yr 1 and yr 2

pdf National Curriculum Spelling Lists (yrs 1-6)

Events and Photographs

MAY 2018

In Finches we have been very lucky to see our very own caterpillars turn into butterflies.
Each day we have observed them closely and have been looking at the changes they have been through.
We have also kept our own diary’s.
When the caterpillars first came, they were very small. They ate the food in the pot and gradually grew bigger. After that they became encased in their cocoons. After several days the butterflies emerged and then we released them.
They weren’t that keen on leaving and stayed in the net for a long time. When one of the butterflies eventually left he flew onto the outside of the net and then stayed there before eventually flying away.
caterpillar 6 caterpillar 5 caterpillar 4  caterpillar 3 caterpillar 2

caterpillar 1

In KS1 we celebrated the royal wedding. We split into groups to decorate cakes and make flags and crowns. We all learnt the national anthem and had a look at the KS1 staff wedding photos guessing how long ago they were.
royal pictres 2   royal picture 3  Royal Pictures

March 2018

In Finches class we have been working really hard to design and make her own castle. We have used our knowledge and understanding from our history lessons about the different types of castles and their features (battlements, turrets, towers and drawbridges) as well as our work in DT experimenting with ways of cutting, joining and combining materials.

We then went on to talk about and evaluate our castle.

In maths we have been learning about measurement and how to accurately measure the length or height of objects using both non standard and standard units of measurement. We learnt that you have to line the object up with the 0 on a ruler to ensure it is an accurate measurement and how to read from a ruler. We also talked about different standard units of measure and how to estimate and check a measurement.

RA - Finches  JJ Finches  CA Finches  RW ED Finches


February 2018

Finches b (640x480) (2)  fnches 5   finches 4     fnches 2   Finches 1

Over the last few weeks the children have been learning about instructions. We first started with algorithms in computing, we then looked at instructions in English and ensuring they were clear and precise. After that we had a go at ordering and writing our own recipe for pancakes using time connectives.We then made our own pancakes making sure we washed our hands properly and used the equipment safely.As part of our maths we talked about measuring and using scales in order to measure out the ingredients properly.
Finally we cooked our pancakes and then tried them, choosing which topping we wanted.

As part of our current topic we are designing and making castles. We have been experimenting with rolling, folding and cutting paper to make towers and battlements. We then looked at how to make our constructions stronger. We spent the afternoon looking at how the walls in our school grounds were made. We found out through trial and error using the construction materials, that by “covering the gaps between the bricks it made the wall stronger”.


National Poetry day

In year 1 we learnt the poem ‘sea animals’ for national poetry day. We added in actions to help us remember it and then we performed it to the whole school in our celebration assembly.

finches poetry day

MacMillan Coffee Afternoon

In September, we supported the Macmillan charity to raise money for cancer research. We held a coffee afternoon in the school hall and invited our families.

In our classes we made cakes following recipes and learning about measuring the ingredients accurately.

finches MacMillan pic1finches MacMillan pic 2Finches MacMillan pic 3Finches MacMillan pic 4

Personal Best Wall and TLS’s

At Collingwood every class has a personal best wall. We pick a piece of work we are proud of and that is our own personal best.  We then talk about why we are proud of it.

finches AurasmaIn year 1 we use an app called Aurasma on the iPads to hover over our picture on the personal best wall, it then shows our work on the screen.

We also share our work with our families at our TLC (Termly Learning Conference) meetings. We pick 3 pieces of work, one we are proud of (pink), one we found difficult (yellow) and something we want to work on (green).

finches personal best 1finches personal best 2finches personal best 3


In PE we have been working on holding a balance, ensuring it is held still. We then worked in pairs to copy our partners balance and then give feedback on it.

finches pe 1finches pe 2finches pe 3

We have also been working on the skills linked to throwing and catching. We learnt that we had to watch the beanbag carefully, cup our hands and bring it into our chests.

finches pe 4finches pe 5


We have been learning about seasonal changes and observing our school environment in Autumn. We now understand the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees and we are learning to recognise different trees such as oak, birch, pine and sycamore.

The whole of year 1 went on an Autumn hunt. After that we used what we had collected to make a natural art picture of a deciduous tree in Autumn.

finches science 1finches science 2finches science 3


finches maths1finches maths 2finches maths 3

Continuous Provision

In year 1 we often learn through play. We are set challenges to investigate and explore.

finches provision 1finches provision 2finches provision 3finches provision 4finches provision 5

Hey Ewe

This year our Christmas production was called ‘Hey Ewe’.  It was about a curious sheep who couldn’t fall asleep just in case something exciting was going to happen.  The children performed really well learning their lines and the songs.

Useful Links

Mr Thorne – YouTube Channel