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Learning and Teaching

Our Staff and Governors’ Vision Statement

At Collingwood children and adults work together in a safe, well disciplined, exciting environment where all pupils feel valued and are expected to make good or outstanding progress

Our staff, pupils and parents have high expectations and ensure that pupils produce work of increasing quality, develop their individual strengths, achieve their personal goals and challenges and realise their full potential as lifelong learners and responsible citizens

in our global community.

“We live our lives with arms and minds wide open”

During your time at Collingwood we offer every pupil:

  • Participation in a class work celebration assembly (annually)
  • An opportunity to take part in a performance or presentation to a live audience (at least annually)
  • A residential trip (usually Year 6)
  • An opportunity to become a Playleader/Learning Ambassador/Eco-Team Member. (at least annually but some are termly)
  • Participation in PE lessons run by a qualified Sports Coach. (weekly)
  • Participation in swimming lessons. (usually Year 3)
  • An opportunity to take part in Forest Schools/outside activities.
  • Participation in a trip to the local area and beyond.
  • Opportunities to join before/after school clubs.
  • Opportunities to take up individual music tuition eg guitar or keyboard etc. (all year groups)
  • An opportunity to invite a relative to Class Lunch/mother’s Day/Fathers Day/Special Person Lunch. (3 x annually)
  • Access to online storage of work which can sometimes be viewed at home.
  • Home use via password access to learning Resources in maths and English etc.
  • Opportunities to participate in educational visits/first hand experience/meet with expert/visitors during lesson time. (all ages at least annually)
  • Regular opportunities to develop resilience and independence.
  • Choice in some elements of learning.

   Remote Education at Collingwood

Click on each Year group tab in the “Learning and Teaching” section of this website for specific information for each class or click on the “Our Curriculum” tab for whole school curriculum information.