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Supporting your child at home

How we teach writing at Collingwood

Writing is taught every day in the morning. Children are given the skills to write confidently and expressively for a range of different purposes. We often use a ‘model’ text, this means that children spend time immersed in this text and spend time looking at its structure, the vocabulary and the plot. The children then use this text to support them to write their own version.

Writing is also practised as part of other lessons. 

In each year group children explore a range of genres and text types across the year, including fiction, poetry, information texts, dialogue and plays, biographies and so on.

Teachers give guidance and instruction to children to improve their writing skills. This includes grammatical accuracy and correct use of punctuation. We involve pupils in their own learning by sharing assessments with them and sharing success criteria on ‘Learning Journey’ walls in the classroom.

Spelling patterns are taught weekly – through a scheme called ‘No nonsense spelling’ and the children practise and improve their handwriting – through the ‘Letterjoin’ handwriting Scheme – more information on this scheme can be found on the following link




We really appreciate the benefits of school and home working in partnership so that all pupils achieve their full potential.  Below are some documents and information that we feel may be of use to you but nothing is as valuable as a face to face chat with your child’s class teacher so please come in and talk to us if you need any guidance on how to support your child at home.  (Don’t forget to look at the Year group page in the “Teaching and Learning” section of this website.)

Useful Documents:

pdf National Curriculum Spelling Lists (Yr 1-Yr 6)

pdf learning to read through phonics information for parents

pdf Maths story books to share with your child

pdf Child minders presentation