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Year 4 – 4H & 4W

Welcome to the year 4 section of our website.  

Details of the work your child will be covering can be found on the ‘topic web’ link below.  For personalised information about your child’s target please refer to their individual TLC (Termly Learning conference) paperwork.

For more information about our classes, please refer to the ‘meet the teacher’ document below along with the supporting documents for information regarding; homework, PE days, expectations and reminders.

The following adults work in year 4

4H – Mrs Hammond, Mrs Slaughter, Mrs Hall, Mrs Cousins and Mrs Maxson.

4W – Mrs White, Mrs Morgan and Mrs Vango.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information in supporting your child at home.

Mrs Hammond and Miss White.

 Useful Documents:

pdf Topic web Summer Term 2019 – Year 4

pdf Topic Web – Spring 2019 – Year 4

pdf Topic Web – Autumn Term – Year 4

Year 3 and 4 Spelling list

Growth Mindset Questions and Comments

Questions to ask when reading

pdf Curr iculum Overview for Year 4

pdf British Values at Collingwood – KS2

pdf English National Curriculum Spelling lists (Yrs 1-6)

pdf Key Instant Recall Facts (maths) in Year 4

pdf The Book Trust’s 100 Best Books for 9-11 yr olds

Events and photographs:

 As part of our current topic ‘Our wonderful world’ we have sent and received pen pal letters with a school in India. We were very excited to receive our reply’s and we are now writing back, answering their questions and sharing some more information.

Year 4 letters from india

Roman Pots

We have made Roman inspired face pots out of clay.  We had to follow a set of success criteria in order to make our pots and then evaluate them. 

“We found out lots if information about what Roman clay pots are used for.”

“It was fun, I got really messy!”

“I found it hard to get the shape of my pot but I persevered.”

 Roman 1   Roman 2


In PE we have been creating a sequence of balances, jumps, hops, rolls and some unique movements. “We used the different equipment and it helped improved our balance, posture and made us fitter.” 

This is an ongoing sequence of lessons and we will keep working to improve our sequence adding additional elements.

 Gym 1   Gym 2

Using the Chromebooks and Google classroom

“I like it when we get to use the Chromebooks, it helps us to work together and share our work.”

“I can see my work at home and add to it.”

“I didn’t get to use Google classroom in my old school, it it much better as it helps me improve my work.”

 Chrome Book 1

Colchester castle trip

In the summer term we are going on a trip to Colchester castle to see some real Roman ruins.  “I’m really looking forward to going to Colchester castle to find out even more interesting facts.”

“It will be really fun to find out about somewhere which is near to where we lived that the Roman invaded.” 

“I can’t wait!”