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Is your child Sun-safe at school?

With some of the hottest temperatures predicted for 9 years, we urge you to do three things to keep your child “sun safe” whilst at school.

  1. to wear a named hat at all times when outside (this does not have to be a Collingwood hat but should provide shade for the neck and not bear any slogans or writing)
  2. to have a named water bottle in school every day (drinks are made available to children throughout the day but a bottle on a table in front of you is far more tempting! Add ice cubes or part freeze if you wish.)
  3. to apply a high factor sun cream before school. (Unfortunately staff are not able to apply sun cream.)
  4. We teach children to “Slip on clothing · Slop on sunscreen · Slap on a hat “. Further information can be found on www.sunsafe.co.uk. We do encourage children to stay in the shade, come inside and drink regularly at playtimes and lunchtimes but with 236 pupils desperate to run around and play it is not possible to ensure that they all do!