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Policy Documents

Primary Admissions Offer – video from Essex County Council  This video has been designed to help parents who were not offered their first preference, to  explain the post-offer process for applications to Primary School. A link to the video is : Primary Admissions Offer Video

The following policy documents are in Adobe® Acrobat format.  Many of our Policies can be found on this website but paper copies are available, on request.

At Collingwood we have risk assessed against the Government’s PREVENT strategy.  Our policy is in line with the  Essex Local Authority SET PREVENT policy which can be found below.”

Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Attendance Policy for Collingwood May 2019

 Behaviour and Antibullying Physical Restraint and Parent Code of Conduct Policy March 2019 with exclusion ammendments

Collingwood children-missing-education-due-to-health-needs-ecc-policy-november-2019

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for Collingwood based on May 2019 model

Complaints Policy for Collingwood May 2019

pdf Compalints leaflet May 2019

pdf GDPR Policy for Collingwood July 2018

pdf Collingwood-Prevent-Action-Plan Nov 2019

pdf Visiting_Speakers_Policy

pdf  Collective Worship Policy at Collingwood

pdf Collingwood_Assessment_feedback_marking-recording_and_Reporting_policy_April16

pdf  Child Protection Policy for Collingwood September 2018

pdf Keeping_children_safe_in_education_2019  (Government Policy)

pdf Working_Together_to_Safeguard_Children-2018 (Government Policy)

pdf Collingwood’s Curriculum Policy and School Aims.

pdf Collingwood’s Food Policy

pdf  Charging_and_Remissions_Policy_for_Collingwood

pdf  Policy for Dealing with allegations made against another child

pdf Internet Safety Rules April 19
(These are taught at school but it might be helpful to have a copy displayed near your PC or gadgets at home)

pdf Cover and PPA Policy

pdf Early Years Foundation Stage and Induction Policy

pdf  The Woodham Consortium of School’s Emergencies Leaflet
(Including details on where to collect your child from in the event of a town emergency)

pdf Collingwood’s Gifted and Talented Provision Policy

pdf Collingwood’s Homework Policy

pdf Collingwood’s Lost Child Policy

pdf Collingwood’s Medicines Policy

pdf Attendance Policy for Collingwood November 2017

pdf Advice for parents Medical referrals SEPT18 – Essex County Council Policy

pdf EA_Medical Policy Final November 2019

For more information on our SEN provision see SEN information report on the ‘About Our School’ – SEN